Jill Potsaid

Jill Potsaid is a Certified Medical QiGong and Tai Chi Instructor with Human Harmonies. She has been a student of Martial Arts for almost a decade and has practiced Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Bagua, Kong Su Do, Aikido, Judo and weapons. Jill has taken the Assistant and Instructor training programs. She was drawn to Tai Chi and QiGong in particular because of the incredible health benefits both practices have on the body, combined with an emphasis on creating a mind-body connection. She credits her practice as one of the most positive influences on her life, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share what she has learned with others. She feels that having the chance to empower others to care for themselves, just as she has been empowered to love, heal and appreciate herself, is an amazing way to spend her life.